Webinar KPBA – INABBY #25: Books for Disabilities and Books Written By Special Children

Webinar KPBA – INNABY #25 discussed Books for Disabilities and Books written by Special children to make people giving more attention to this kind of production. Murti shared and showed the participations examples of books for children with disabilities. She also explained various books for special needs children in the international market chosen by IBBY.Two other speakers are Dita and Sarah two special girls

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A Courtesy Visit To Slovakia Embassy In Jakarta

A courtesy visit to Slovakia Embassy in Jakarta. Received by Ambassador of Republic of Slovakia for Indonesia, H.E Jaroslav Chlebo. Murti Bunanta and Mira Widhayati presented their works and BIB catalog 2021. . Beberapa waktu berselang, pada tanggal 18 Mei, Dr Murti Bunanta bersama Mira Widhayati menghadap Bapak Dutabesar Slovakia untuk Indonesia, H. E. Jaroslav Chlebo di Kedutaan Besar Republik Slovakia untuk menyerahkan karya

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Stories Behind Children’s Toys – Webinar #24 KPBA

Through Webinar KPBA #24, April 23 th 2022, with its theme: “Stories Behind Children’s Toys”, Murti Bunanta reminded the importance of encouraging children to play and inventing things look simple but will be a step to be an inventor one day . Participants got Insights and ideas to work with children at schools, in writing new stories, having new studies of Children’s plays and

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