INABBY Activities

IBBY Indonesia Artificial Intelligence and Young TalentsIn collaboration with Kelompok Pencinta Bacaan Anak (KPBA), IBBY Indonesia (INABBY) organised a series of webinars and seminars during the second half of 2023. Some interesting topics of the webinar include Artificial Intelligence and Young Talents. Artificial Intelligence has been a popular discussion topic among experts and journalists, including children’s book writers and illustrators, in Indonesia. On 26

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Exploring Children’s Literature

As usual KPBA and INABBY webinar went well. Webinar #32 gave many new insights to the participants.Dr Murti Bunanta showed some her works of early readers to give insights how shaping a good stories for kindergartners (pic 2,3). Also she showed her newest book published in Singapore (pic 4,5).Three other speakers: Dr Ida Farida Sachmadi, Nicke Yunita Muharram M.A and Jessica Florencia, medical doctor

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Memory of IBBY Regional Congress in Bali 2013 – Resource: IBBY website

THE 1st ASIA-OCEANIA IBBY REGIONAL CONGRESS IN BALI: INABBY REPORT INABBY, The Indonesian Section of IBBY, has successfully organized The 1st Asia-Oceania IBBY Regional Congress in Bali, May 23rd–26th, 2013. No doubt this first step taken by INABBY will be followed by other national sections of IBBY in the region, to continue such regional congresses in the future. This first congress was attended by

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