KPBA & INABBY Core Team Meeting

On the National Book Year Day, May 17 th 2022, KPBA & INABBY core team get together to discuss new coming programs. A fruitful meeting with a warm happy relationship between the team. . Tepat pada Hari Buku Nasional, 17 Mei 2022, tim inti KPBA & INABBY mengadakan diskusi tentang berbagai program KPBA & INABBY tahun 2022 untuk skala Nasional dan Internasional dengan menikmati

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Stories Behind Children’s Toys – Webinar #24 KPBA

Through Webinar KPBA #24, April 23 th 2022, with its theme: “Stories Behind Children’s Toys”, Murti Bunanta reminded the importance of encouraging children to play and inventing things look simple but will be a step to be an inventor one day . Participants got Insights and ideas to work with children at schools, in writing new stories, having new studies of Children’s plays and

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