Webinar Warna-Warni Penelitian Sastra Anak | 20 November 2021

Webinar KPBA and INABBY #21 presented various researches on Children’s Literature done by our members: Dr Murti Bunanta, Dr Riama Maslan, Dr Ari Ambarwati and Lukas Luwarso. This research presentations will be continued in 2022 with more topics that needed for all others interested in the studies of Children’s Literature and to give information to the world that Indonesian Chlidren’s Literature are interesting topics

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Webinar Bahasa Indonesia Dalam Bacaan Anak | 16 Oktober 2021

KPBA Webinar #20 discussed about the importance of proper and effective usage of words, sentences, vocabulary in the creation of stories. Pilihan kata, penggunaan kalimat, penyajian cerita, pemakaian bahasa yang tertib akan dibahas dalam webinar KPBA #20. Bahasa Indonesia mampu untuk menyampaikan cerita yang mengasyikan.

Webinar Bibliotherapi “Aku Bersamamu – Yuk Bercerita!” | 21 Agustus 2021

KPBA webinar #18 on Bibliotherapy was done on August 21th, 2021 shared the dedication of the members of KPBA to children as stated in the vision and mission of KPBA Dr Murti Bunanta the initiator of storytelling sessions in the hospital shared the challenges and her experiences when started the initiative since 1993. While Surya Sili Phd, another member of INABBY shared her knowledge

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