Murti Bunanta will be giving lectures on Folktales for Balige Writers Festival, 25 -28 July 2024, a collaboration event between KPBA and BWF

Murti Bunanta and Valentina Kris Utami will be heading to North Sumatra for Balige Writers Festival 25 -28 July, 2024, giving lectures on writing folktales. . Tahun 2024 ini KPBA banyak mendapat kesempatan untuk diundang bekerjasama. Setelah melaksanakan kegiatan bersama antara lain dengan Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia dalam menyelenggarakan Kompetisi Mendongeng di Era Digital, kini kerjasama dengan Balige Writers Festival akan berlangsung 25 – 28

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Enjoy and Don’t Worry About the Competition

This advice was brought up by Murti Bunanta when she was invited to be one of the speakers at a Webinar, May 11th 2024, organized by The Education University in Bandung in collaboration with Seameo, Seameo Qitep, Seameo Ceccep, Hiski, and Tridaya Group. KPBA is invited to be part of this collaboration as KPBA is considered to have many experiences in conducting Storytelling Events

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INABBY Activities

IBBY Indonesia Artificial Intelligence and Young TalentsIn collaboration with Kelompok Pencinta Bacaan Anak (KPBA), IBBY Indonesia (INABBY) organised a series of webinars and seminars during the second half of 2023. Some interesting topics of the webinar include Artificial Intelligence and Young Talents. Artificial Intelligence has been a popular discussion topic among experts and journalists, including children’s book writers and illustrators, in Indonesia. On 26

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