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Artificial Intelligence and Young Talents
In collaboration with Kelompok Pencinta Bacaan Anak (KPBA), IBBY Indonesia (INABBY) organised a series of webinars and seminars during the second half of 2023. Some interesting topics of the webinar include Artificial Intelligence and Young Talents.

Artificial Intelligence has been a popular discussion topic among experts and journalists, including children’s book writers and illustrators, in Indonesia. On 26 August we invited an IT consultant, a lecturer, and a children’s book illustrator as facilitators. We discussed how children’s book writers and illustrators utilise AI responsibly to improve their work. The participants were very engaged as a lot of concerns, doubts, and questions were addressed.

Another interesting topic explored was Indonesian Young Talents. We organised it on two different dates, 24 June and 23 September featuring six young speakers who showcased their skills in writing and other art forms: photography, singing, dancing, music, drawing, performing art, and batik. The young creators’ parents also attended the sessions as they were interested in how they could support their children’s interests and talents.

Seminars on children’s books and stories
Since 24 October INABBY has conducted three in-person seminars in Jakarta and one in Bali, all of them in collaboration with KPBA. In Stories from the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB), the Indonesian representatives of the International Committee, International Jury, and workshop participants shared their experience and knowledge about high-quality children’s books and high-standard illustrations, and an exhibition was organized. Dr Murti Bunanta shared her experience as the President of the Jury of BIB in 2011 and 2013, in presence of he Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Indonesia, H.E. Mr. Tomas Ferko.

BIB sharing session in Jakarta Library
INABBY/KPBA team, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, and the representative of Indonesian Government/Jakarta Library

Three other sessions involved children and adults with special needs, as well as teachers, parents, and caretakers. The first two took place in Jakarta Library, on 26 and 28 November. In the workshop Stories, Stories, Stories, where folktales from different countries were interactively told and performed by Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald from the USA and Dr Murti Bunanta. After the stories were told, participants were given the chance to create the characters and objects in the stories, with the help of the KPBA team. The second one, From Stage to Page, from Page to Stage, focused on how to write folktales from oral resources and desk research.

The third seminar, Tell Us More Stories, was held on 4 December in Sekolah Mentari Fajar, a school for children with special needs, in Bali. It was followed by a crafts-making workshop for children. Additionally, we had the chance to visit an elementary school to tell stories and teach children arts and crafts. We were accompanied by Made Taro, a Balinese storytelling master of the educational community Sanggar Kukuruyuk, who shared stories with children.

INABBY/KPBA member Dwi Julianty facilitating children in making arts and crafts relating to the stories

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